Subtitles come in two varieties: internal and external. Internal subtitles will always be displayed together with the video playback and cannot be disabled. External connected to the program viewing the video in a separate file, can be modified or removed if necessary.
Tie-in internal subtitles download and install the software to work with video. Among such applications may be noted VirtualDubMod and AVI Subtitler. Download the installation file any utility and perform the installation in accordance with the instructions on the screen. If the program comes in an archive, just extract it with WinRAR.
Run the application and open the video file you want to add new subtitles. To do this, use the menu item "File" - "Open" (File – Open). Then open the text file using the "Add subtitles". In VirtualDub Mod this menu is under Video – Filters – Subtitler or TextSub. It is worth noting that in the line Video top panel of the program should be selected Full processing mode.
Save your changes with the help section "File" - "Save as" (File – Save As).
Insert external subtitles can be done with any player. To do this, simply drag the file titles in the window with the reproduced video. You can use the menu "Subtitles" - "Add" and specify a location for the file. It is also possible additionally to use external subtitles if they have the same name as the video file, the text is automatically displayed in the program window or be accessible via the appropriate menu.