Of the components are amenable to software management. To change the speed of rotation of the cooler, download the program SpeedFan. The latest version available to date — 4.44. The best source is a trusted site with the software or the official page of the developer. Also keep in mind that not all fans in the system support the change of rotation speed, for example, can be very noisy power supply.
Install the downloaded program. To do this, double-click the file to start the installer and answer the installation wizard questions, it is sufficient to click "Next" or "Next" depending on the version that you got. Locate the icon for SpeedFan on the desktop, it is made in the form of a stylized fan. Start by double-clicking.
In a minute or less, open the program window. Close the Council, which will appear in the foreground (caption "Close/Close"). Translate interface into Russian language, if necessary. To do this, click "Configure" at the top right of the window. Click on the tab "Options" and next to "Language" select "English", then "OK" at the bottom.
In the bottom half of the program you will see three lines with the headings "Speed" and values from 0 to 100. The small arrows to the right of the figures indicate their value of fan speed in percentage, and the top of the window where will be displayed the results of the monitoring of current speeds, look for changes. And of course, focus on hearing, 60 percent of full speed is already pretty quiet, but still enough for good cooling.
If you do not want to manually specify the values, click "Autoscroll fans", it is under the "Configuration" button. The program will automatically set optimal operating parameters. Click the "Minimize", and SpeedFan was out of sight, but not stop working. Run it every time you turn the computer on and the noise will no longer bother you. The main thing — do not overdo it with the reduced fan speed, this can be dangerous for your computer.