If you plan to use the microphone exclusively for communication on the Internet, get equipment installed on a table or other surface. These devices have relatively low signal quality. As a rule, they record all the noises, vibrations in the air when you exhale.
For frequent use, choose a device with a special mount. These microphones easy to hang on the collar or tie. When working with such equipment you don't have to constantly adjust his position, which will allow to achieve a stable signal level.
Select the microphone with the function of suppressing external noise. Such devices automatically "cut" a static signal, thus improving the recording quality. It should be noted that many programs are designed for voice communication, also possess a similar function.
Pay attention to another type of computer microphone - headsets. They represent the symbiosis of the internal earphone and capture device audio signal. Their use makes it unnecessary to purchase additional headphones for communication in the network.
If you constantly use programs voice chat, get a Bluetooth headset. It is a combination of full headphones and microphone allow you to listen to your favourite music and communicate on the Internet, while being at the computer.
Stopping his attention on the wireless headset, be sure to find out important characteristics of this device. First, check the maximum permissible distance of the headset from the adapter installed in the computer. Second, make sure that the equipment passes the signal without significant delay.
How to choose a microphone for computer
Don't forget that even stationary computer microphones can have the desired functions. Keep this in mind when choosing a device to capture the sound.