Purchase a special adapter that he at the entrance was the nest big Jack, and the output is a small Jack that will be included in socket of your sound card. This is because most modern dynamic microphones have a large Jack, or 6.35 mm TRS.
Plug the microphone into the adapter, and the adapter insert the pink connector on your sound card. Destination of connectors on soundcard may vary with special advanced drivers. Make sure the pink plug is you input (by default, the pink connector is used for microphone). As a rule, to call the control panel with this driver is possible via the corresponding icon in the system tray. If it's not, it will invoke it through the Windows control panel, under "sounds, speech and audio devices".
In the system tray (a small panel in the lower right corner where the clock is located) click right click on the speaker icon. In the context menu, select "configure audio settings".
Next go to the tab "Audio" where you will see three settings: "sound Playback" "sound Recording" and "MIDI music Playback". Under "sound Recording" click "Volume...". In the opened window, recording level adjust the microphone volume.
Under each fader adjusts the level of recording devices, there is a place for show, which completely suppresses a device. Make sure the tick is removed with the master fader, which adjusts the recording level in all devices at the same time, and in particular from the microphone.