In stores the price tags on the various microphones, you can see the inscription "Universal". The purpose of these tools is quite diverse, including vocal. So opt is on similar models.
Also buyers can see the type of each microphone, for example, the dynamic. Typically, the microphones of this type are durable, difficult to damage or to overload too loud sound (the only exception is a ribbon dynamic microphone). In addition, they do not require power. Technique is arranged this way: a coil of very thin wire, which is in the field of a permanent magnet attached to the membrane. And the electric signal is used as time for the recording of sound is produced by vibration of the membrane.
The following are important when choosing the number is the maximum acoustic pressure. It means a number that indicates how sound can pass the microphone without distortion. And if you're going to buy a MIC for vocals, pay close attention to the value of this parameter.
In that case, if you are important and ease of use, ease of use, low cost, small size, it is recommended to purchase a wireless microphone, then eats the one that is equipped with a radio transmission of audio information. The microphone itself will determine the area of acoustic sensitivity (20-30 meters) and the transmitter will set the range of the radio link. The main parameter for the latter would be the power stability of the carrier frequency and the modulation type and frequency range. It should be noted that such radios are often used in the performance on stage. But don't forget that if you have multiple microphones of this type may experience strong interference.