There is a arbitrary and involuntary memory. The information that is emotionally rich and is remembered without effort digested with involuntary memory. If any of you have to remember with the help of a volitional effort, this process occurs through the activation of the arbitrary memory. It is especially difficult given the knowledge that cause irritation and unpleasant emotions. So start with the absorption of personal motivation. Convince yourself that this is really necessary to remember.
Do not attempt to mechanically memorize the material. Soak only the part that you understand. Read and understand the topic. Then the mechanical component of memory is added to a logic that is absorbed reliably.
Typically, the material is presented in a particular system. Start learning from the beginning to understand and learn this system. In case you are in the exam I forget something, will be able to restore or make their own logical conclusion.
In the process of evaluating the quality of mastering of information learn to distinguish remembering from remembering. For example, I looked at the page of a textbook, remembered a section and felt that I knew him. And in the exam were that you remember only the picture and the General appearance of the text.
Attend only at a time when your brain is in a state of maximum activity. For some it's early morning, others are able to assimilate in the evening. Note that the first time the material is stored in very rare cases, need to be repeated at least twice, ideally before bedtime and immediately after it.
At the time of existence of distinguish between short term, long term and medium term memory. The latter is responsible for the breakdown of the material categories and runs during the night. So pay the night rest time. During exam preparation physiological need for sleep increases.