Easiest way to clean a washing machine outside. There are stains from detergent, water and bleach. Everything is easy to clean with a cloth soaked in warm water. For efficiency, you can add some of the liquid for washing dishes.
In order to remove unpleasant smell that was coming from inside the vehicle, you want to pour directly into the drum a little bleach. And to drive a machine at the highest temperature (without linen).
Also do not forget about cleaning the filter. Put a rag, open the hole for the filter and manually pull out the lint, scale and other debris. To clean the filter is necessary every 3 months.
The washing machine needs to be cleaned from the inside. For this you need to open the door and wash its inner side with a cloth dampened with warm water and liquid dishwashing. Thoroughly clean the cracks around the door rubber (you can use a toothbrush, very comfortable). Do not forget to remove glass powder and bleach. And also good to clean under running water with a brush.
In order to get rid of the scum, you need to take 200 gr. citric acid and fill the hole for the powder. To turn to the highest temperature (usually 90 degrees) and drive (empty). Then you'll see how many scum left. Do this cleaning every six months.