You will need
  • Special descaler, citric acid, magnetic water softener.
Use a special descaling agent. You can buy it in hardware store or large supermarket. This tool is produced in the form of liquid or powder. Weak acids included in the composition, effectively remove limescale without damaging the plastic parts of the washing machine. Before use, carefully read the supplied instructions.
Sprinkle or pour the product in the drum of the washing machine and turn the washing programme without Laundry. Set the water temperature from 60 to 90oC. This procedure should be carried out 1 time per month. If you live in an area where water is very hard, to clean the car more often. In any case do not increase the amount. Overdose can cause damage to rubber hoses of the washing machine.
Pour 200 g of citric acid in the boot compartment for the washing powder. Run the longest programme no spin and pre-wash. The water temperature should not be lower than 60oC. After the program, open the drum and pry the rubber elements. Remove limescale flakes with a clean cloth and wipe it. Repeat this treatment 1 time per three months.
Install a magnetic water softener under water inlet hose washing machine or water pipe. Under magnetic field, the salt splits into ions. This helps to prevent the appearance of lime scale on the coil and extend the service washing machine. The only drawback of this method can be noted the high price of the magnetic softener.
After cleansing, the washing machine from limescale take care of prevention. During each wash, use special products that soften the water. Also to reduce the risk of lime-wash operation at a low temperature of 40-50oC.