You will need
  • The Internet.
Currently in Russia the law "On providing access to information on courts' activities in Russia." According to him, the courts are obliged to promptly publish the texts of the judicial acts on the Internet that allows anyone to learn about the work of courts of General jurisdiction to data of the judicial statistics of the case, information about the end result of the trial.
However, this law closes access to those cases that were closed or affected the security of the country. You will not receive the judgment in the case of family legal relationship, for example, adoption of a child, sexual integrity, and some others. This violated the law to disclose your personal information, and protection of the right to privacy.
If you are interested in the case does not apply to those listed, look for the solution in the Internet. Type in any search engine any information that you know on the process. It can be the names of the parties or the case number.
Find out which court heard the desired. Then, go to its official website and search the archives of the decision process. However, not all agencies post results of processes directly. This problem can occur with a very old case – the decision on it is likely you will not find it.
Use the sites that have a database of all courts of the Russian Federation. To search for cases in the court of General jurisdiction, follow the link The decision of the Supreme Arbitration Court can be found on the website
By accessing the desired resource, click one of the regions, court name, case number or name actors. Maybe with his help you will get the necessary information.