The criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation (CCP) provides the possibility of obtaining copies of the criminal case. This process is described in article 217 of the code of criminal procedure, which States that "in the process of familiarization with the criminal case materials consisting of several volumes, the accused and his counsel shall be authorized to apply to any of the volumes of the criminal case and to write out any information and in any volume, to make copies of documents, including by technical means."
During preliminary investigation the accused is also entitled to receive certain types of procedural documents. So the accused has the right to demand a copy of the decision on initiation of criminal case (provided that the case has been opened against him and not against unidentified persons), a copy of the search warrant in his home, a copy of the decision about attraction as the accused.
Copies of other documents are usually not available. However, to every rule there are exceptions. For example, the accused may submit a copy of the expert report (if it is too difficult for a single review). Obtaining copies of the criminal case, the provision of which is not required by law, is possible only at the request of the defendant. So, to get a copy of the same expert conclusion must submit a separate written request (or to state it during the oral review to be entered of record) to the investigator or the head of the investigative body. When the satisfaction of the relevant materials will be provided.
At the stage of judicial consideration it is also possible to obtain copies of the criminal case. It is necessary to apply to the court which is seized of the case, with a written statement. It must specify the reasons for which are required to provide copies. The decision to provide copies of the criminal case addressed by the hearing.