If you give a special value to their own style, of course, first and foremost, pay attention to the design of the device. However, if the appearance is not so important, it is advisable to put in the first place, the criterion of ergonomics. Check out how the headphones sit comfortably on your head, is the shape of the ear cushions ears. This is particularly important in the case if you are an audiophile and listen to music all day and night. Be sure to check how easy to use control headphone, this would seem a trifle, then can beat off all desire to use the device.
Ideally, the headphones should provide good sound quality, but if they weigh too much, then enjoy music you can hardly. Therefore it is useful to check mass-dimensional characteristics of the device. Additionally, the headphones can be foldable, this will allow you to take them even in long trips.
The sound quality is determined by the following indicators:
Frequency response is a graphical display of the reproduced sound headphones. Ideally, frequency response should look like a smooth line. But even in that case, if it is full of notches, do not refuse this model. It is possible that wearing headphones and listening to a tune, you will be completely satisfied issued by the device sound.
Resistance. If you plan to listen to music with your mp3 player or computer, then this figure should be equal to 32 Ohm. For professional loudspeakers need to pick up headphones with an impedance of 250 Ohms.
The wider the frequency range the better. Bottom bracket this characteristic shows the "depth" of the bass, issued by the device. However, most models are unable to reproduce frequencies below 70-80 Hz.
The ratio of signal-to-noise ratio shows how much the noise affects the received sound. The larger the value, the better.
All of the above characteristics can only begin to describe the quality of sound that you will hear from the device. The final decision can be taken only in the case if you live listened to the selected model.