If you are trying to manipulate through compliments, be very careful. From nice words to unwind, to lose vigilance and to once again accept that for you it is unpleasant and unacceptable. So, after hearing the flattering words, try not to blush and not be embarrassed. Just accept the compliment with dignity. After all, you value yourself! Can fix the result, telling the opponent the same nice words. So he will understand that it is not too sincere compliments from you will not achieve anything.
In the case when you put before a choice, covering the main request preliminary story, do not rush immediately to answer. Manipulators like to put pressure on the pity, so you run the risk of impulsive to accept the fact that you are uncomfortable. Don't hesitate to ask for time to think. Left alone, think carefully about what you ask for, weigh their capabilities and desires. And then decide, will you help or not. Don't be afraid to refuse if it's inconvenient for you.
When the manipulator is trying to "crush" the intelligence shows that he is more educated, wiser and more intelligent you - do not get fooled. Often under such feigned intelligence hides a fairly "empty" person who has no special knowledge, but uses only a specific set of billets. Answer him the same. Learn a few important dates, historical figures and events. In conversation with this type of manipulator apply your knowledge. He, not expecting this from you resistance, get confused and their attempts to manipulate you will cease.
If you apply the technique of increasing aggression, do not give in. Psychologists recommend not to engage in calming an angry opponent. Just ignore the full. And the manipulation will end as quickly as it had begun. This is due to the fact that if there is no reaction, then there is no meaning to be sprayed.
In this case, you can go the opposite. Make sure to tap the raging interlocutor's hand touch his shoulder or hand. At the same time they themselves start to build up an aggressive tone and manner of communication in relation to the interlocutor. The suddenness of the attempt to manipulate you immediately stop.
Sometimes the manipulation is hidden behind the too rapid pace of speech and talkativeness. In this case, do not try to stop the flow of words that you poured. Just say only one sentence: "I'm Sorry (-te), I need to call". And turn away to the phone. This pause will help to lose your companion with the pace and lose the advantage over you. Plus, you'll be able to figure out how to end a conversation.