Advice 1: How to learn to control yourself and your emotions

The ability to manage yourself and your emotions – is the ability to manage your life. To keep everything under control and not to go beyond. And it is still and control the people around you and the impact on them. After all, emotion is one of the key components of our lives.
Management of a
To keep their emotions in any particular situation, use the old method: count to 10. When you are calm, you tend to make rational decisions, no wonder they say that anger is a bad adviser. Under stress we perceive the world around us is painful and in those moments we are most vulnerable.
To control your emotions will help you striving for perfection and originality. This means that you need to constantly improve yourself, to strive for the best. Develop your best qualities as much as possible. Self – improvement is a long and laborious work. You must become spiritually richer, become more interesting not only for himself but for the people around you. In difficult times it is very useful to you.
Introspect. This means that you need to objectively evaluate yourself and your actions. Be as honest with themselves. start small. If you have conflicts with others, soberly assess the degree of their guilt and the guilt of the opponent. This will allow as far as possible to look inside myself and know self with different angles of perception of reality.
Useful advice
How should examine your strengths and weaknesses.

Advice 2 : How to calm the psyche

Most people experience stress almost constantly. Some time their psyche, due to its flexibility and stability, can withstand continuous overvoltage. But one day there may come a breakdown, and, as a consequence, long-term hospitalization and treatment. To avoid the possibility of poor development, to soothe the psyche needed after each long day.
How to calm the psyche
The air
One of the simplest and most effective ways to calm the nerves – a walk in the fresh air. Preferably away from roads, shops, crowds of people. It is best to go to the Park or nearby forest. The contemplation of nature, fresh air and light exercise will help your psyche to regain its equilibrium, to calm down.
The following is a good way to find peace of mind – water treatment. To solve your problem and fit a warm aromatic bath, contrast showers, and swimming in the pond. It all depends on your personal preference – choose what will bring maximum pleasure.
Restful sleep is one of the most important components of mental health. Try to build his regime to bed before 12 at night, and sleep at least 8 hours. Before sleep do not watch TV, use computer, read the news, there is a heavy meal, drinking coffee. Be sure to ventilate the bedroom – the air must be fresh. To help me stay awake, drink warm milk or herbal tea with honey.
A massage by a good specialist can not only soothe your mind but also give a burst of energy and deliver maximum pleasure. Along with muscle stiffness during the procedure, leaving nervous tension and negative emotions. In addition, you will improve blood circulation, which will reduce the risk of stroke and migraines, from the tissues will appear uric acid and lactic acid, and other products of the testing body.
Techniques of self-hypnosis and auto-training can Supplement previous methods of bringing the nervous system back in order. Maybe you will succeed immediately, but try to discard all the bad thoughts, the resentment, stop go over and over the difficult situation. Start to think positively – remember the recent incident of a pleasant, loved ones, dream about how you will spend your next vacation or weekend.
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