To keep their emotions in any particular situation, use the old method: count to 10. When you are calm, you tend to make rational decisions, no wonder they say that anger is a bad adviser. Under stress we perceive the world around us is painful and in those moments we are most vulnerable.
To control your emotions will help you striving for perfection and originality. This means that you need to constantly improve yourself, to strive for the best. Develop your best qualities as much as possible. Self – improvement is a long and laborious work. You must become spiritually richer, become more interesting not only for himself but for the people around you. In difficult times it is very useful to you.
Introspect. This means that you need to objectively evaluate yourself and your actions. Be as honest with themselves. start small. If you have conflicts with others, soberly assess the degree of their guilt and the guilt of the opponent. This will allow as far as possible to look inside myself and know self with different angles of perception of reality.