You will need
  • documents;
  • - application for transfer of the child to family learning.
Select your school in which the child will pass attestation. Not all schools agree on family training. Thus, the probability that the nearest school is not for you. A list of schools that support family learning, are in the Department of education.
Write the application addressed to the Director of the school or directly to the Department of education, stating the reason for the child's transition home training. If you will make an application to the headmaster, he is likely to refer the application to the Department not to take responsibility for decision-making.
Wait until the conclusion of the Commission. After submission of the application going to the Committee, which includes representatives of the Department and the Director and teachers of the school which you have chosen. The Commission may invite the child to the interview, the results of which will decide whether his family training.
Sign a contract with the school. The contract should outline the program of a child's learning at home and set deadlines for interim and final evaluation of the child at school.
Bring to school all necessary documents for registration of family education. Preferably before the beginning of the school year.