The first method to determine the area of Moscow is to use the Internet. The network is full of sites where there is detailed information on the principles of territorial division of Moscow. There you can find the list of administrative districts of the capital. Each County comprises several districts. Moscow is divided into ten administrative districts: Central, Zelenograd, West, Northwest, southwest, South, Southeast, East, northeast, North. You can visit the website of each County in the Internet and find the most detailed information about a particular area.
If you don't know the name of the area, you know is the name of the street, locate the network directory of streets and a map of Moscow. They will help you navigate and learn the name of the district. A similar service is provided by Google Maps. The interface is simple: enter in a line of search the street name and house number, if you know him, and the site will give you information about the area with the exact location on the city map.
By phone number also you can determine the area of Moscow. Here you can use Internet resources or conventional telephone directory. Try to use the site, it contains 11 million phone numbers city of Moscow.
After you enter the phone number you will get access to address, including district, and to list residents at this address.
You can also call the help Desk, explain the situation and ask them to help you.