You will need
  • - phone connected to the MTS;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • card Bank-partner MTS.
Accumulate points. Connect services, MTS (5 rubles equals to 1 point). Get extra bonus points for filling out the application form on the official website of MTS and inviting friends to the program "MTS Bonus".
Purchase goods and services card "MTS Money" (30 rubles equals to 1 point; 3 000 welcome bonus points are given for the first purchase). Use the card with "MTS-Raiffeisenbank" (30 rubles equal 1 bonus point; 200 -300 points - depending on the type of Bank card is charged for the first purchase). Apply to charge card "MTS-Citibank" (for 30 rubles, you will receive 1 bonus point and 3 000 – 6 000 points for the first card use or other type). Pay goods and services card "MasterCard MTS" Sberbank of Russia (also every 30 rubles equals 1 bonus point, and for committing the first transaction is assumed to be a welcome scores of 300 or 600, depending on the card). Get map of MTS Bank "Russian Standard" where every 20 – 50 rubles (according to the map) is equal to 1 point and 400 – 600 points given at the beginning.
Adjust the accumulated reward points for rewards from MTS – free SMS and MMS messages, minutes of calls and megabytes for use in the framework of the GPRS-Internet. In addition to using points to pay for the following services from the company of MTS, as GOOD'ok, and enjoy movies and games on the entertainment website
"Buy" for bonus points MTS certificate nominal 3000 rubles for the payment of goods in the shops "Detskiy Mir", "Sportmaster", "L'etoile", "Eldorado", the "Red box" and "M. Video" or the certificate face value of 3000 and 5000 rubles for MTS salons.
Apply for a six-month subscription to magazines such as Forbes, Esquire, Harper's bazaar, Cosmopolitan MINI, Men's Health, National Geographic, GEO, "Geolenok", "mamas Papas", "Home", Popular mechanics, Wedding, Yoga Journal, or "Gala Biography".
Log in to MTS, go to "spend points", choose the necessary items and click "Order".
Look at the MTS site codes of the remuneration for the bonuses and send free short number 4555* SMS message with the required code. Keep in mind that to order a gift certificate, magazine subscriptions and other rewards may be available only through a personal page on