You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - passport;
  • - MTS communication.
Log in to your Personal office on the official website of MTS to execute the exchange of loyalty points. If you do not already have a password to use this option, use the system of receipt, following the instructions located on the website.
To exchange bonus points from MTS to any compensation, go to the official page of the provider, navigate to the "Entertainment and information" and then on the link "MTS Bonus" and click the "rewards Catalog".
Select the catalog section you are interested of the: "Minutes", "SMS", "MMS", "Internet", "Certificates", "Options MTS", "Entertainment", "Mobile phones" and "Magazines". Based on the amount of your available bonus points, book a reward by clicking on "add To cart".
In addition, there are other ways to exchange the accumulated bonus points from MTS. Send a USSD-request ID you are interested in the compensation package to the number 4555. To know the right code on the company's website in the relevant section or the reference service of the MTS.
Call the service numbers to the number 0890. You can follow the prompts of the automated information system to exchange reward points for rewards, or you can directly contact the operator and ask him to help you solve the problem.
Visit the salon of cellular communication of MTS in your town and ask the employees to help you activate the bonus points. Take along your passport.
If you want to give bonus points MTS to another participant of this program, you can do this in the personal Cabinet on the official website of MTS or by sending a message containing the text: "the GIFT, telephone number, number of points" to the number 4555. For example: "the GIFT 89181112233 700".