You will need
  • phone;
  • browser.
For entering the personal Cabinet, open a browser and and click located in the upper right corner of the window the link "Login to Personal Cabinet". Your username is the phone number of the subscriber "MTS". Enter your phone number in the top field. At the bottom enter password.
If you don't have the slightest idea about their own password, use the option "Get password" by clicking the link located to the right of the empty field. Within a few minutes the necessary combination of numbers will be sent to your phone as TEXT messages.
To open a page with information about bonuses, click on the "MTS Bonus". In the left part of the opened page you can see the number of bonus points that you have. If you want to send them to another part of the participant of the program "MTS Bonus", use the option "Give points" by clicking on the menu link to personal page.
In the opened window enter the number of the subscriber that received the points. In the lower two fields specify the number. After reading the terms of the stock exchange bonuses for the subscribers of "MTS", confirm that you have read this text, putting the checkbox in the lower left corner of the window and click "Next".
Check the correct phone number and number of points. If you found no errors, click on "Donate". To edit information, click on the "Back"button.
Transfer points is to send a TEXT message with the word "GIFT" or "GIFT" to the number 4555. In the text, specify the recipient's number and the number of points that you are going to give. Between the word number and the number of insert spaces.