You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • phone;
  • - the passport.
If you have Internet access, go to the official website of MTS. Please login or register in the personal Cabinet on the website of MTS, to convert bonus points to any of the gifts.
On the main page choose the tab "Bonus", go to the rewards catalog. Please note that there are groups of any particular services or gifts.
Depending on how many points you have, select something you like the reward, clicking the icon "add To cart".
To see how much of the bonus minutes, SMS (MMS) or Internet service you have, dial USSD-request *100*2# and press the call key.
Use another way of activating the bonus points. Send the code of the desired kind of rewards to the number 4555. This code can be found on the website of the operator in the appropriate section or contact the reference service of MTS.
Contact the helpdesk operator on the phone 0890 and ask him to help you activate the bonus points from MTS. Be prepared for the fact that it will ask a code word or other secret data, which were used in the contract with the company.
You can also go to a salon store and he turned to his employee and either a passport, use it to exchange bonus points for a reward.
If you want to make to any of friends a pleasant surprise and give their scores, keep in mind that your chosen person must also be a participant of the program "MTS Bonus". Only in this case he will be able to get your gift. To transfer points to another person, send an sms "GIFT, telephone number, number of points" to the number 4555. It may look, for example, in the following way: "the GIFT 89197776633 900".