Imagine that many years have passed, five or ten. Look at the situation from the future. Do you ten years from now, will worry and cry? Hardly even remember that now you are so embarrassing. Then what is the point to hold a grudge and to mentally chew on that will not affect your future life.
Poyasnaya the situation. Don't be afraid to ask the interlocutor, what he has in mind and why so expressed. It is possible that in people and in thoughts was not to offend you. You just never each other understood.
Put emotion aside. Mentally describe your problems as do the leading TV news. Tell only the facts. If you do not take into account emotional, often it turns out that to be offended by and nothing.
Respond to criticism constructively. It makes no sense to be offended when you criticize. On the contrary, it is a good occasion to look at yourself and your work and maybe to change something. Well, if you think that flawless, then there is no reason for resentment. Don't criticize only those who does nothing and is nothing.
Stand in the place of your abuser. Try to get into his skin and look at the situation through his eyes. How would you behave in his place? Maybe you were wrong and your opponent just couldn't control her emotions. Forgive him and forget about the offense with a light heart.
A change of scenery. Often people are nervous and offended at trifles, when the nervous system is depleted. Go on vacation, meet new people, explore new places. For the return you will not remember the grievances that have poisoned your life.
Contact your specialist if you can't cope with the constant offense at trifles. A good psychologist will help you to understand the causes of your behavior and to learn to cope with the situation.