Try not to take criticism or a joke to your address in arms. Understand that not all associates know how to keep a delicate balance between humor or tactful expression of their thoughts and rudeness. People who have offended you, I do not always understand what did not very good. And if he did it consciously, then there is no need to get excited. In the first case, should be above all kinds of stupid and not pay attention to them. Second we need to realize that the abuser is waiting for your reaction: tears, anger, a surge of negative emotions. Complete disappointment it will be for your indifference.
Learn to defend himself. This does not mean that the fight must be physical. The word can also stand up for themselves. Wit is a good means of defense from those who want to hurt you. Imagine the bewilderment of the enemy, when, instead of interrupting the sobs of the phrases he hears a calm, decent response. Surely you will feel satisfaction from the situation and, perhaps, the discomfort will evaporate. But even if the soul remains the sediment, do not do from this tragedy. In life there are often situations that are not fun, and the best way not to spoil your nerves - just try to forget.
Switch to positive emotions. Suffering from injustice - a very useless pastime. Why feel sorry for yourself when you can escape from gloomy thoughts? Meet with friends, go to the party. In General, don't focus on the problem, otherwise you risk to begin to be depressed. A little resentment may develop into a major depression.
Take it easy and don't forget about the sense of humor. Filter incoming information. It happens quite often that people get offended over little things. If taken seriously only what really deserves it, unpleasant moments in your life will appear much smaller.