Resentment is a negative emotion that often torments the person and makes him to breathe deeply. Often the offended person is unable to think properly, to enjoy life and to maintain good relations with those who caused his bad moods or even crying. How to avoid negative emotions or to reduce them to minimum?

One of the ways to make an emerging offense to the weaker – to switch their attention to something fun. This can be a favorite hobby, talking to a positive person, reading and even meditation. The ultimate goal – focus and switch the person from tearing at his emotions for an interesting exercise. It gives temporary relief from negative feelings. However, in order to rest in the shower was not temporary, but permanent, it is important to understand the essence of the offenses and, on this basis, begin to decrease emotional pain.

The first is to remember that this emotion is similar to disappointment. Man builds in his mind a positive image, which often may not match the expectations. In other words, these expectations are unrealistic. If the person is late, forgets to tell you something important or just can't say he loves you, it is quite possible that he for one reason or another can't do. He will show you his love and respect, but to reach their goal in other ways.

Resentment is a feeling composed of several elements. First, it is expectations about the other person. Secondly, this discrepancy is expected behavior, however, which has already been traced in the brain. And third, is comparison of behavior that was expected, with what is happening in reality. If the person doesn't behave as expected of him, it is an unpleasant feeling called resentment. Therefore, you need to get rid of the expectations and stereotypes of thinking.

Resentment is an unpleasant feeling that affects the soul and makes us almost lose your head. If you can't handle her, in the future there may appear a variety of diseases, as it is known that "all illnesses from nerves". That's why offense is important not only to satisfy, but to make a weak and harmless.