Pick clothes based on the event location. If the day of birth will take place in a restaurant or cafe, put on a beautiful dress short or medium length. Outfit to the floor, it is better not to wear, unless you are not waiting for the solemn and magnificent reception in honor of the birthday boy. The alternative dress in this case could be skirt or pants combined with a beautiful and elegant blouse. They have to be formal, but not a classic workwear option. The man is better to opt for a suit.
In a club or disco wear a short dress or skinny pants with a blouse of thin material. The color of the outfit depends solely on personal preference, but it is better to opt for the shades that best suits you. To look more impressive in a place like this, pick up the dress of shiny fabric. But the only one that looks stylish.
If the celebration will be held at home, choose any of the above, except, perhaps, shiny and sparkling clothes. Better to wear the original dress or blouse with trousers. For men, a great choice will be a beautiful jacket with pants or even jeans.
Day of birth, celebrated in nature, also cannot become the reason for donning a sports coat and a worn-out t-shirt. Don't forget that it is primarily the occasion. The best option is jeans with a nice sweater or t-shirt. But they should be beautiful, interesting and consistent in color. On your feet you can wear sandals, flats or sneakers.
Pick up accessories. They must also comply with the venue of the festival and to approach selected along. The main rule is not to wear all at once. For evening dress you can choose more bright, and massive jewelry, and for home get-togethers will fit a modest but original decoration.