You will need
  • - proper diet;
  • - optimistic;
  • - physical activity;
  • love and sex;
  • - a conscious goal in life.
Eat so that to unload their cells, keep the measure – not very much and not too little. For excess weight decrease habitual consumption of food by a third. Consider their individual and age peculiarities in the preparation of the diet. At the age of thirty regularly switch to nuts and liver, and first wrinkles will appear much later. After forty years the body needs beta-carotene in large quantities in carrots. People over fifty need calcium, as it is useful for the bones, and magnesium needed for heart. Therefore, eat more dairy products and cheese, drink green tea.
To preserve health is important and proper organization of the workplace. To avoid low back pain, watch your posture, don't spend at the computer more than five or six hours a day.
Don't forget that sex is the fountain of youth. Doctors believe that people who regularly have sex, look 15 years younger, as if making love in a human body induces the production of endorphins – "happiness hormones". Besides, frequent sex strengthens the immune system, but we should not forget about security measures. It is best to have one permanent partner.
Live long helps the recognition of purpose in life. It is known that the nature needs people active, not passively drifting with the current. So don't let yourself be manipulated. Those with high self esteem are much less likely to suffer from stress and less susceptible to various kinds of infections.
Remember that life is movement. Actively go in for sports, even eight minutes of daily physical exercise much longer. Walking strengthens the cardiovascular system. During physical activity of the released growth hormones whose production declines after 30 years. Do Jogging, fitness, dancing. During the holidays keep an active lifestyle - diving, skiing, swimming.
Monitor your emotional state. Often laugh and joke, try to positively look at life. Optimists live longer than pessimists and better, this is proven by numerous studies.