You will need
  • 1. Photos and any other memorabilia that you can paste)
  • 2. Paints, pencils, markers, pens
  • 3. Glue
To complement the illustrations, therefore, a great way to decorate your thoughts in the diary will be various drawings. Moreover, they are not worse than convey the mood of a person, his inner feelings. Use markers, paints, pencils, pens and even lipstick. You fit all that is important and can leave a mark on the paper.
Personal diary gathers the hopes, dreams, memories, and so fragments from the life is perfect for decoration. Put photo best friends, or distant countries, where long wanted to visit. Or you can make from the photos is a list of things you want to purchase.
In addition to the photos in a personal diary you can paste everything that happens. For example, commemorative ticket after going to the movies or herbarium (it is better to fasten with cellophane and duct tape). Can print something with the printer, and translate a variety of images from electronic format to physical.
Beautiful handwriting surely will adorn your entries in a personal journal. But in addition to carefully removing each letter, you can use various tools to record most of these letters. Here come to the rescue again colored pens, pencils or markers.