A simple diary can be a regular Notepad - basic text editor installed with Windows operating system. In it, you can create new entries, storing each in a separate file, and can create a new file for each new month or year. If the first line of the blank page you write .LOG, the Notepad in front of each new entry will automatically add the time and date.
Much greater opportunities for design of the diary can provide a word processor with Word of the popular set of Microsoft Office programs. It can be used to allocate individual records font, text color or background, to insert active links from Internet addresses, images (including backgrounds), emoticons, etc. in addition, a word processor, you can create a table of contents is a collection of links to navigate to the entries of each new month, year, week. In the Internet you can find the templates pages of the diary. Some of them you don't even have to look for yourself, if you are using Word 2007 or 2010, select the menu "Create" then find and click the section "Recording", and in it a folder "Blogs". In the middle column will be loaded with the set of available design templates from which to select the most suitable and click the "Download"button.
There are apps specifically designed for journaling. Select and set one of them if you want maximum freed from routine file operations. For example, the application of Efficient Diary has a Russian interface and many features of a word processor for design of the diary. In addition, it deals with organizing your records, creating indexes and can sort them by date, by topic, groups of topics, or even the weather or your mood that are recorded. When you create a diary program prompts you to specify the password to access it - if you want you can keep two of the diary, one of them closed from prying the password.