Advice 1: How to create a diary in your computer

Keeping a diary can often help to not only preserve memories of any events, thoughts or mood, sometimes this exercise can be a tool for self-improvement — one of the elements of anger management. If you don't think that the diary must be handwritten, take advantage of the opportunities that are available to users of modern computers.
How to create a diary in your computer
A simple diary can be a regular Notepad - basic text editor installed with Windows operating system. In it, you can create new entries, storing each in a separate file, and can create a new file for each new month or year. If the first line of the blank page you write .LOG, the Notepad in front of each new entry will automatically add the time and date.
Much greater opportunities for design of the diary can provide a word processor with Word of the popular set of Microsoft Office programs. It can be used to allocate individual records font, text color or background, to insert active links from Internet addresses, images (including backgrounds), emoticons, etc. in addition, a word processor, you can create a table of contents is a collection of links to navigate to the entries of each new month, year, week. In the Internet you can find the templates pages of the diary. Some of them you don't even have to look for yourself, if you are using Word 2007 or 2010, select the menu "Create" then find and click the section "Recording", and in it a folder "Blogs". In the middle column will be loaded with the set of available design templates from which to select the most suitable and click the "Download"button.
There are apps specifically designed for journaling. Select and set one of them if you want maximum freed from routine file operations. For example, the application of Efficient Diary has a Russian interface and many features of a word processor for design of the diary. In addition, it deals with organizing your records, creating indexes and can sort them by date, by topic, groups of topics, or even the weather or your mood that are recorded. When you create a diary program prompts you to specify the password to access it - if you want you can keep two of the diary, one of them closed from prying the password.

Advice 2 : How to create a diary online

Diary online, or, to be more precise, the blog (from the English. blog, weblog, network diary), has almost every tenth Internet user. Someone often writes, and his blog is getting along with the media, someone once a month to hang a few photos, for yourself or for a narrow circle of friends. In principle, no matter what your goals are, because in any case, having a personal blog will not be superfluous. Services for hosting blogs quite a lot, let's select among them, two fundamentally different options.
How to create a diary online
You will need
  • — computer
  • — Internet access
One of the oldest and most well-known services of new York — system the proverbial "learn", which is now, probably only lazy did not hear.

Here everything is simple. Go to (or .EN), in the horizontal menu select the item "Create account". Next, fill a small form, create a username (or user name under which you will create posts and add comments, then email, password, some personal details and finally, click "Create account". If everything is in order, will mail confirmation of registration, after which you can go to the settings of your new magazine. In the settings you will need to think of a name for the journal, to determine its appearance (there is a large list of ready-made themes, choose any), to fill a page of information about yourself, choose an avatar (here it's called pic) and... well, everything. Proceed to the content of the journal to share thoughts, add magazines to friends, etc.
How to create a diary online
A fundamentally different way to create a diary on the Internet is to start it yourself, not using networks like livejournal or blogspot. This method is rather suitable web enthusiasts are able to purchase a domain and order hosting. These measures are necessary, however, to create a website you do not need. Most modern hosting companies offer free user a number of pre-installed software-CMS, the most frequent ones include Joomla and Wordpress. Here is Wordpress we need. Go to the control panel of your hosting, go with (or CMS) and set as the main CMS is Wordpress (this is a one-click, on-time installation takes a minute and is immediately). Ready. Go to the website, ask the admin username and password in the Wordpress choose a theme (there are thousands of free and very cute), place additional modules, remove unnecessary word — make your blog as you want. You can then start filling it in. The advantage of this option in the virtually unlimited possibilities of expansion and customization, plus you are the master of your blog administrator and Creator in one person.
How to create a diary online
Create your own blog based on Wordpress requires some knowledge of site administration through CMS. However, the engine is supplied with an extensive description, and to virtually every built-module, the plugin or theme comes detailed instructions.
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