You will need
  • notification;
  • - additional agreement;
  • order;
  • - decree of the trade Union;
  • - change of internal legal instruments.
If the extra payment is made under the employment contract or additional agreement, to cancel in writing will notify the employee two months prior to cancellation, will receive a notice under his signature (article 151, labour code).
Make a supplementary agreement on the date specified in the notice of the withdrawal period supplements. In a supplementary agreement to specify all of the amended terms of the employment contract or agreement, made earlier, also specify in detail the reason of cancellation surcharges. The reason you can specify that the surcharge is cancelled in connection with the removal of a number of duties or additional responsibilities. Also as the reason for the cancellation of the surcharges, you can refer to the dire economic situation at the enterprise. In this case, all the types of bonuses you can cancel for up to 6 months.
Publish the order to abolish existing co-payments and cancellation terms. In order to write the reason for the cancellation and timing. If the cancellation deadlines are not specified in the additional agreement and order, the abolition of the additional payments is considered indefinite.
If additional payments are specified in internal legal acts of the enterprise and are incentive payments for the quality or successful work, to produce their cancellation you are required to collect members of the trade Union Committee. During a meeting of the trade Union maintain a Protocol on the basis of which take the decision to cancel bonuses, and the reason for the cancellation.
Issue an order. Specify the date of cancellation of bonuses, the cause and timing. If the cancellation of bonuses, allowances or inducements of mass, then the reason may be the changed financial possibilities of the enterprise. If the cancellation deadlines not mentioned in the order, the cancellation is considered to be indefinite.
Don't forget that you can cancel only incentive, incentive surcharge or fee for performance of additional duties. To cancel compensatory surcharges for work at night, weekends and holidays, and in difficult or harmful conditions and work in areas of Extreme North or territories equated to them, you have no right.