You will need
  • - Power Point;
  • - Adobe Premier.
To edit slides of the first type use the utility with which they were combined. There are interchangeable applications. Presentations created with Power Point program can be edited in the free analogue of the set of Open Office.
Install the right software. Open the Power Point or equivalent. Expand the advanced options menu and scroll to "Open".
Select the file that opens the presentation. All slides will be displayed in the left column. Click the right mouse button between the adjacent frames. After opening the new menu go to "new slide".
Select with the left mouse button a new blank window. In the main program menu click on "Insert picture from file" and click it. Launch Explorer and select the file containing the desired image. Click on it with the left mouse button and click "Add".
To add an image to an existing slide, use the same method. Naturally, the procedure for creating a new slide you want to skip. After you are finished with the presentation, save the final version by pressing Ctrl and S.
In situations where you need to insert the slide into a finished video file, use the program Adobe Premier or Movie Maker. Install and run one of these programs. If you are working with high quality video, in any case, do not use the second utility.
Place the downloaded file in strip rendering. Wait for the completion of the storyboard. Place the new image in the right place. Adjust audio track and set the time of the slide. Save the project and check its quality.