You will need
  • GIF Movie Gear.
If you are working with a set of Microsoft Office applications, run the program Power Point. After opening the main menu, go to the "File" tab and select "Open presentation".
Navigate to the directory where is located the main presentation file and open the specified document. Now create a new slide and then paste it in animation images.
Click the right mouse button in a free area between adjacent slides displayed in the left column. In the ensuing menu, select "new slide".
Open the "Insert" tab and select "Movie". In the next menu, select "Movie from file". Select the folder in which the animation file. Double-click on it with the left mouse button to insert the image into the slide.
Remember that in design mode of the presentation of the animation will always be presented in the form of a specific slide. Run the presentation to check the accuracy of the animation is displayed.
If the version of the program PowerPoint allows you to insert a. GIF image, divide the file into separate elements. Install Gif Movie Gear.
Run this program. Select the tab Open and browse to your GIF file. Now alternately remove any fragments. To do this, select the first image, right-click, and select Copy.
Paste the copied element into a Paint program or similar. Using the described algorithm, create a separate bmp or jpeg files. Alternately add them into the presentation.
Set the desired display time of the slide. If you want to save the animation parameters initially, use the time intervals set in the GIF file. Use a second method of animation, if you want to make adjustments to specific frames.