Open the presentation in PowerPoint or OpenOffice. Insert a slide with the text entirely from another presentation. If you are using MS PowerPoint 2007, click the Home tab in group Slides click on the labels "new slide". Select "Slides from outline". In the window formats select "All files" and select the presentation, the text of which you need. Double-click it. If necessary, delete unnecessary slides, selecting them and pressing the Del key on the keyboard.
To insert structures with the text from another presentation in MS PowerPoint 2003, click "Insert" → "Slides from outline..." and select "All files". Then double-click the presentation to insert all slides. Remove the slides, the text from which you are required.
To move the slide text from one presentation to another presentation program in OpenOffice, open the "Insert" tab and then click on "File". Note click presentation , and press Enter. If necessary, agree on the harmonization of the existing objects and delete unused backgrounds. Get rid of slides that you do not need.
Paste the text copied from any source. Highlight the desired text with the left mouse button, click on the selection, right-click and select the context menu action "Copy". Create a new slide in MS PowerPoint 2007 you can do this in the Home tab in group Slides after clicking on the tab "new slide". In MS PowerPoint 2003 to create slide Ctrl+S. In OpenOffice-create the slide occurs after clicking on the "Tab" → "Slide".
Select any layout. If you have selected the blank layout slide, insert the text by pressing the right mouse button on empty space and selecting "Paste". If you chose the layout with the structure of the "slide Text", click inside the dotted rectangle and paste the text with Ctrl+V or by right-clicking and choosing "Paste".