You will need
  • Windows word processor Microsoft Office Word.
Start word processor and open the document to which you want to place the photo. The input cursor, set the location to insert image.
If you have saved the photo to the computer or opened in the Windows Explorer window the external device is the digital camera, mobile phone, flash drive, where the file is stored with the photo, then use the embed capabilities of the file Manager. For example, copy the file - click right-click and select this function POPs up the context menu. Or press Ctrl + C when you select the file. Then switch to the Word window with the open document and paste the copied picture with Ctrl + V. this Can be done via context menu: click where you want to insert, right-click and select "Paste".
If the photo is opened in any graphics viewer own viewer Windows popular ACDSee free FastStone etc. - use built in to this application a copy operation. Click on the picture, right-click and select "Copy" or "Copy image". Then switch to the Word window and paste the clipboard contents.
When you edit photos in any graphic editor do not have to save it in a file and use it as an intermediate for insertion into a Word document. Select the entire image (Ctrl + A) and copy to the clipboard (Ctrl + C). Then insert the picture into the open in a word processor document (Ctrl + V).
Photos posted on the Internet can also be placed in a document using the browser capabilities. In the context menu that opens by right-clicking on photos in the web page, there is also the command "Copy" - select it. Then switch to the Word window and use the paste operation of the clipboard contents. Some of the photos you can simply drag the mouse from the browser window to the document window of Word.
Own mechanism to insert images in a word processor is started from menu of this app. On the Insert tab, click the "drawing" command group "Illustrations" and the screen will display a search box for the desired file. Finding, highlight the photo file and click "Paste".