You will need
  • Computer with installed software (Power Point)
To make a slide presentation, on a computer, open PowerPoint and select "New presentation" from the main menu. You can choose the presentation with any template, change the background color and the type of data on a slide, format the font, add pictures, etc. using the button "create a slide you can add new slides to your presentation.
The important thing to remember when creating an effective slide presentation, is the audience at which it is aimed. The presentation of the material to Mature businessmen and students must be significantly different. So if you want you and your presentation to understand, keep this rule in mind, consider the age, interests and level of education of your listeners.
Avoid using a variety of colors. A good slide presentation should be easy to read. Think about the place where you will speak – whether there is good lighting, acoustics, what is the capacity of the audience, if there is a special equipment for slide shows, as far as the listener is removed from you? In any case, a variety of bright colors not only complicates the process of reading the slides and abstract management students, but also distracts from the fact the slide presentation.
Effective slide show is as simple as possible and concise text, positioned so that to read it is convenient from any distance. Remember, having information on the slides. Separate the sentences with paragraphs. Do thoughts quick, but affordable. For more information and a detailed explanation of the short abstracts you can always write in the notes.
Don't overuse animation and other technical bells and whistles when creating slide presentations. Maybe it will give the impression that you have carefully prepared the presentation file, however, excessive flickering of the text will cause irritation and your arguments will not be heard.