The first reason why the husband is not paying attention to his wife - full concentration on anything else. This girl is able to perform multiple Affairs, but with men it is otherwise. They can't concentrate on several things at once, and if engaged in something serious, it is unlikely that they will find opportunity at the same time pamper you with tenderness and spiritual conversations. Don't worry, just wait for the moment when your lover's problems will be resolved, or even help him in this, then he will again be at your disposal.
If the husband ceased to pay attention to you in sexual life, the reason for this may be some kind of problem with his men's health. Ask a loved one, how does he feel, if it bothers him something, and only then make some conclusions. If health of your spouse, everything is in order, pay attention to yourself. Maybe the last time you stopped to care for themselves properly and lost their appeal? To regain the lust of her husband, do some self-improvement, visit a beauty salon, update your closet or tidy up your figure.
The third reason for the lack of attention from the husband can be his indifference to you. Perhaps for the time that you live together, he lost interest in you as a person? It happens in the case that a woman does not differ sharp mind and becomes predictable. The man just doesn't know what to talk to her, he is not interested in being on one site with a boring person, so instead to pay attention to you, he's having fun with his friends or come home late at work. If you realize that you have got into such a situation, you need to change. Again become a mystery to your lover, call his interest, lure pleasant conversation. You need to show him that in fact can be very interesting to talk to.
Another reason why the husband ceases to pay attention to his legitimate wife - the appearance of another woman in his life. Look at the behavior of its second half, maybe you'll notice that it behaves strangely with someone talking on the phone, going into another room, comes back home after work or you suddenly have limited access to your personal communications. In this case, you can suspect that he has a mistress.