You will need
  • You must purchase the Land and Civil codes of the Russian Federation with the latest changes.
The main points to remember for those who want to rent land is that rent land in Russia right every (some limitations exist only for foreigners) if the land is not located in the border areas or if the government does not have restrictions on disposal. Land is available for rent only on a paid basis. A rare exception to this rule is the transfer of land lease for construction of objects of social infrastructure - for example, the children's hospital.
The lease may provide its owner. Landlords may also be persons authorized by law or by the owner to rent it out. To rent a plot of land, it is necessary to conclude with the owner (or authorized person) the tenancy agreement of the land plot.
According to article 606 of the Civil code, the lease contract the lessor undertakes to provide the lessee property for payment for temporary possession and using or in temporary use. In our case the property is land. This area should be as specified in the lease as if the lease object will be difficult to identify, the contract may be declared null and void in case of its contestation. Sufficient konkretisierung denotes a fixing in the contract ' of the land plot, its cadastral or conditional number (applicable if land registered in cadastre), square. The lease is in writing.
The lease contract can be concluded for a definite or indefinite period of time. It is worth remembering that a lease of land a contract of lease of immovable property, so if he was signed for a year or more, it must be registered in Federal Registration Service.
The landlord must give the tenant a plot of land in the same condition in which it will meet the conditions of the lease and the intended use of the land. It must also give the tenant all the documents on the land plot. If the landlord expresses a clear reluctance to provide you as a tenant such documents, then be wary: you may rent this area carries significant risks.
The amount of rent is determined by the contract if it is concluded between individuals and the state, if the land is leased from the state or municipality. In the latter case the rent is determined proceeding from the rules established by regulations or orders of the respective Executive bodies. General rules about the determination of rent for the land contain Land code of the Russian Federation and the Federal Law "On introduction of Land code of the Russian Federation" dated 25.10.2001.