You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
Practice shows that the use of automatic driver update in Windows operating system do not lead to the desired results. To work correctly, the video card company Nvidia requires certain software. Turn on your computer or laptop and connect your device to the Internet.
Install Speccy or Everest. Using selected programs figure out the exact model name of your video card. Now visit the website After loading the main page, hover the cursor over the icon "Drivers".
In the ensuing menu, select "Load drivers". Fill out the opened form. Pay special attention to the "product Series". Remember that the letter "M" in the name of the video card indicates that this device is installed in your computers.
Select the current operating system, pre-specifying its width. If you are unable to determine the exact model name of your graphics card, click the "Graphics drivers", located in the "Automatically find Nvidia drivers".
Download program that will offer you used an Internet resource. Wait for the download file and run it. Follow the step by step menu to install the program.
Restart the computer or laptop. Just right click on the desktop and select "Nvidia control Panel". Adjust the parameters of the video card. Save the changes and again reboot the PC.
Sometimes to stabilize the video card helps install drivers without software. For this process to use the app Sam Drivers. Remember that you will not be able in the future to customize the detail work is beautiful.