You will need
  • - Driver Pack Solution;
  • - access to the Internet.
Even after the release of the company's products never cease to develop new drivers. This helps to improve the performance of the equipment. Sometimes updating the working files leads to new functions. The best way to install new version of graphics driver – download the latest version of program from official website manufacturer. Turn on the computer and open the Internet browser.
Visit, or The selection of a resource depends on the model of your video card. Click the "download Center" and fill in the table. Be sure to correctly specify the series of your video card and its model. Select the operating system you are using at the moment. Start the download the suggested programs, and complete this process.
Install the downloaded app. Restart the computer and check the settings performance. Usually they do not change when you install new drivers, but still worth the extra time to make sure. Check the quality of the performance.
If you for any reason are unable to find the official website and buy version drivers, download software Driver Pack Solution (Sam Drivers). Run it and wait until the procedure is completed to gather information about installed equipment.
Select the checkboxes of the items associated with the video card. Click "Update" and wait until the program automatically installs the selected sets of files. Restart the computer and adjust the settings of your graphics card. Be sure to create a restore point the system to run the program Driver Pack Solution. Use the current version of the utility to install the old drivers.