You will need
  • - concentrated isopropyl alcohol,
  • soap,
  • soda,
  • brush for clothes,
  • - vegetable oil.
To start, try to put dirty items in the freezer, let them remain for thirty minutes. Then maybe the clay will move away from the clothing itself.
If the clay still remained, it is possible to scrape it with a kitchen knife. Just do this carefully, as the fabric may tear. Don't be overly zealous, if a little left – not a problem. All removed in the cleaning process further.
Prepare a saturated soap solution. For solution preparation it is better to take ordinary soap and hot water. The solution should be concentrated and warm.
Saturate the stain from the clay soap solution, leave for a few minutes. Take a clothes brush and thoroughly wet it in the solution. Brush carefully wipe off stains on clothes from the wrong side.
Then with baking soda sprinkle on the soapy spot. After five to ten minutes to continue cleaning clothes brush.
After all the manipulations, the clothes must be washed in a powder. From clay spots should not remain and a trace.
To clean natural fabrics helps concentrated isopropyl alcohol, it is able to cleanse not only the clay, but also grease, stains from berries or chocolate.
You can quickly and effectively remove grease stains from clay with vegetable oil. To do this, take a clean cloth, moisten it with refined oil and RUB the stain. First, the special effects will not be seen, but when the spot is well saturated, the clay will instantly depart.
You can try to clean the clay from clothes with the help of special tools. Look in the hardware store, the label must be stated that this cleaner removes stains from clay. Ask the seller for sure, he knows all effective innovations in this area.