You will need
  • computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
  • browser.
When it was required to find the mask of the starting node, no problems. But now, when one root is multiple subnets, to find the right became very difficult. In fact, if you want to determine the address, you need to thoroughly examine the way of branching, consisting of three parts (parts A, b and C). This requires additional bits belonging to the host part. That is, one network can be divided at least into two subnets. The first thing you should do is to write the binary form of your IP address.
Not to look up the IP address manually, go to the website There is automatically formed the name of your computer, operating system, browser, with which you went to the page, and your ISP. In the upper left corner you will see "Your IP address". Copy it on a piece of paper. Then to write it out in binary form, perform the following steps: relating the digits to the network - and subnet-part of the mark units and to the host part with zeros. Thus you will get a certain sequence of numbers, which will be the address of your subnet.
There is an alternative method. To find the address subnet, go to "control Panel" of your computer. Then go to the menu "Network connections". You will see a list of connections among them, find "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and open settings. Next, you will need to go to "Properties". There will be described the address subnet called "Mask".
On the website, which was specified in step 2, you can also find the address of the subnet. After the phrase "Your IP address" small letters "History" section. Hit it after you re-visit this resource. The chronicle will be listed all the masks your email addresses. Choose among these desired subnet.