You will need
  • - iris thread or floss;
  • - beads;
  • - beads;
  • - suspension;
  • fishing line;
  • hook;
  • glue.
You may have seen on the streets of multi-coloured laces in the hair of girls and guys – boring. This is one of the simplest ways of weaving. In order to do boring, you do not need any special skills, only patience. With this technology, you will braid your headphones.
You will need thin thread. It can be floss or toffee. Take the thread and wrap it around the headphone wire. The working end pass through the loop – it should come out on top. After you have succeeded, and the loop is firmly held in its place, make a second loop the same technology, then a third, and so on throughout the length of the wire or until then, until you decide to switch to another color. The length of each color segment depends solely on your desire.
You can decorate your headphones on, occasionally stringing on a string of beads or small beads and weaving them into the coil. You can also use light pendants.
To braid a headphone can not only threads, but also beads. For this you will need fishing line and beads of different colors. String beads on fishing line and secure it at the base of the headphone and start the row to wrap the beads around the wire. In some places, take the beads to the glue that your coil did not slip.
If you know how to crochet, you can tie your headphones a kind of cover. To do this, enter six of the stitches, skip the headphone wire between them and lock in the ring. Now promazyvaya in each loop one column without nakida as long as the harness reaches a desired length.
String on the thread of iris beads. Tie six of the stitches, thread a wire between them, tail in the ring. Now with the help polytypical promazyvaya within each loop of the beads, skipping the thread for the previous bead. In the end you'll have a fashionable jewelry.