Men are afraid of responsibility. Of course, if we are talking about the bold actions they have nothing to fear. But as soon as it comes time to take responsibility for the serious relationship, many of the guys immediately become helpless. Their relationship so the man can finish only because I don't want to take serious decisions and to bear then the responsibility for it. And finding new girls, they are just trying to extend his so-called irresponsible period.
All men are hunters. And it is of great interest the process of conquering women. He is committed to ensuring that you belonged only to him alone. But as soon as this happens and he has such confidence, he in fact doesn't need to win a woman. After all, he succeeded. So, some men go to the conquest of new girls in order to once again show yourself and others what it is beautiful and wonderful.
Men don't like it when relationships begin to develop faster than he was expecting. It may scare him. Let a man be slower. Only in this case you will have much more time for communication. After all, the beginning of a relationship is always easy and beautiful. But over time, begin to experience various problems that require solutions.
A man may lose interest in a woman, if you start literally choking on her attention and care. The girl must be their personal interests, it should not start to live the life of a young man. Men don't like their control and imposed on them. It is very important to leave personal space for the young person where he could do what he wants. And if a woman robs him of this, he simply leaves her and finds the one that will give him personal space.