Pay sufficient attention to his appearance. Update from time to time his image that man might admire you. Use decorative cosmetics, check the condition of the skin, hair and nails.
Keep in shape your figure. Visit gyms to the body and muscles were in good shape. Eat right and balanced to harmful dietary habits did not affect the harmony of shapes.
Pamper yourself from time to time, buying new beautiful clothes. So not only will you lift yourself up, but the man will always see you as different, stylish and beautiful that will evoke his interest.
Love yourself and pursue your goals in life. Beauty attracts man, but to keep it can only bright personality. Men prefer to see women's interestand purposeful living life to the full, and not only fixated on the home and family.
Be mysterious. Your chosen one will be notinterestbut you spend your time if you will be to him an open book. Absolutely do not have to tell a loved one, even if you are used to it. He's not the girlfriend 's interestbut to listen to about problems with a broken fingernail or a faded dress. Also the man does not need to know your full routine and what do you talk about with your girlfriends. Understand for yourself, and let me understand the choice that he is not the center of your life, because if he thinks, he will soon become notinterestbut bored in your company.
Learn to impress the opposite sex. Many men spurs feelings of jealousy, they begin again to seek the woman he loved. Deep down the man is nice to know that his choice is in demand and attracts male attention. Only do not go too far, flirting with others.
Take care man and keep a warm atmosphere in the house. A man strongly tied to the woman who takes care of him. He will always seek to return home quickly if there it will wait for the tender meet, coziness and delicious food.
Diversify the sexual life. The quality of the sex depends largely on the relationship as a whole. If sex has become boring and notof interest, quickly take action. To awaken the sleeping passions you, arranging an intimate themed evening, changing environment, role-playing games and learning new poses.