You will need
  • mirror;
  • — the tape;
  • assistant.
Undress and stand in front of the mirror. Closely look at your figure, focusing on proportions. If you have a short neck, round face, weak muscles, and on the thighs and buttocks is a large reserve of fat, then you belong to the endomorphic typefrom the physique. Long torso, broad chest, well developed muscles the representatives of the mesomorphic type. The main characteristics of a person with ectomorphic typeof om build — long limbs, short torso, narrow chest and shoulders.
Determine the type of your Constitution according to the method of Solovyov. Measure your wrist at its thinnest. If your result is less than 15 cm for women and 18 cm for men, you have asthenic physique characterized by long limbs, a thin neck and underdeveloped muscles. Wrist women 15-17 cm and males at 18-20 cm is indicated on normosthenic proportional addition of the body. The result of more than 17 cm in females and 20 cm in males can be found among the representatives of the hypersthenic, or big-boned, physique. Hips and shoulders of such people is wide, and feet short.
Determine the value of the epigastric angle. Face the assistant. Bare upper torso to her waist. Ask your assistant to put your hands on your chest so that the tips of the thumbs joined together at the point of convergence of the bottom of the twelfth pairs of ribs. The rest of the fingers should lie in the intercostal space. Inhale a full breath and hold this position. Let your assistant on the eye will determine the value of the epigastric angle formed by the lower ribs. If the value of the epigastric angle is less than 90 degrees, your type of figure asthenic, if greater than 90 degrees, hypersthenic, and if this angle is straight, then you are a representative of a normosthenic figure.