Advice 1: How to disable sense

Different feelings can inspire a person and endow incredible power, and can drive them into depression and have on his person a destructive influence. Therefore, in some cases, it is useful to learn how to "disable". This will allow you to withstand the blows of fate, to cure many emotional traumas, overcome hard times to become stronger and wiser.
How to disable sense
The old tested means of dealing with emotional pain — a couple of tablets of Valerian, or some sedatives, and then sleep. This is a nice relaxing and dulls any feelings, but, of course, often resort to using drugs is not worth it.
To get rid of excess emotions is possible by doing intense physical labor or do any work, which makes it impossible to give vent to the feelings ofM.
Negative feelings after a psychological workout, you can always be positive or at least neutral. Look out the window on some object or landscape and focus our attention on it. Consider an object and try to describe it in detail. If you're looking at the subject, imagine how it would feel and smell if you can landscape, create mentally it a complete image. Imagine how nice to find yourself in the shade of the forest or feel on his face the breath of the wind.
Take a sheet of paper and describe the situation that you were disturbed. Try to do it as if from outside. Imagine that it says your close friend, and you answer him. After you put all feelings on paper, reread your letter again and burn it.
Powerful support in getting rid of the negative feelings you may have music. Try to pick up "their" tunes, which are able to give you poise and peace of mind. It depends on your taste and perception. For some, the best are the melodies of the Viennese classics of Mozart or Haydn, for others, Beethoven, Liszt, or, for example, Tchaikovsky.
There is the so-called psychedelic music that affects the psyche of the audience, changing their perception of the world, but it is perceived by people ambiguously. Often these melodies are used in meditation is another way to learn how to disconnect from the disturbing thoughts and feelings.
If you are a believer, to renounce the world with its unnecessary fuss and problems can use the prayers.
Try disabling your feelings while communicating with other people. This deeply penetrate into the essence of the conversation. Focus on the topic of the conversation your full attention. Just think about it, try to make the subject matter mostly in your mind.
Try to replace all feelings, emotionally charged, more rational. Looking for a way out of a difficult situation, determine your priorities. Convince yourself that your problems on a global scale is not important, and hence, connect your feelings to them is not necessary.
To control their feelingsmi learn yoga. Here is one breathing exercise borrowed from this system, which allows you to gain peace of mind. Conveniently sit down. Straighten up. Close your eyes. Concentrate on your breathing: it should be deep and uniform. Make a fist and hold them a minute in this position. You can also try a few times to breathe as deeply as possible, briefly delaying his breath, then slowly exhaling.

Advice 2 : How to stop feeling

Most women have a high emotion, they are feelings prevail over reason that sometimes prevents to make informed and rational decisions. Any failure causes them to worry and to suffer, to feel pain. After some time, the events are forgotten, and the injuries inflicted on the soul remain. To stop feeling the pain and tear his soul for every little thing, you must change your perception and learn to calmly endure the setbacks and time of trouble.
How to stop feeling
Learn how to correlate the scope of the disaster. Determine for yourself those events about which you can really worry about and that can leave you indifferent – to illness of relatives and close friends, the well-being of family, friends. This is what can hurt the soul, and about what you may feel anxiety or experience sorrow. Think about what the irreparable misfortunes are death and terminal illness, everything else can be fixed.
Based on this, you can control your feelings. Instead of being upset and hurt, suffering and crying, you can spend that time pondering the situation and search for a reasonable way out of it. Your experiences just inaction, during which you exhaust yourself emotionally. Then you are devastated and feel physical fatigue. Isn't it better to spend their forces to action?
Stop trying to relive those events that had not yet arrived. It often happens that intuitively or due to life experience you can predict the unfavourable development of an event in advance and feel discontent, upset and worried. Sometimes your intuition fails you, but sleepless nights will not return.
Learn to remove tension through breathing exercises and relaxation. But you must understand that you are a living person and you will always feel certain feelings, just take them, don't waste your mental strength. Worry trouble as income, but not for long – remember that you have no time to suffer – you need to act!

Advice 3 : How to turn off the emotions

The ability to manage your emotions is one of the most important communication skills necessary for human communication in a social environment. It's a double-edged sword – you have to be able not only to turn off the emotionsthat you want to hide, but to be able to "connect" those that want to demonstrate. Learning not to show the feelings that should not be noticeable to an outsider, you will also learn how to manage any of my emotions.
How to turn off the emotions
Particularly useful such a skill in the workplace, because there are such emotionsas anger and fear, which directly interfere with the normal functioning and reduce mental and physical abilities to zero. These two emotions can greatly hinder you in normal, everyday life. The problems that caused by fear or anger, have the solution which can come only by connecting your intellect, i.e. the head cool.
Train your sense of calm and confidence, especially in those moments when you feel an impending fear or anger. The calm must become a mental habit that dampens the emotions as soon as they appear. For the training of peace watch out and control yourself, your feelings and the effort will turn off those that might be the cause of your breakdown. This methodical approach will allow the body to disable them on the approach.
To influence their emotions , you can, using body position, facial expressions and gestures. Awkward body position will disrupt not only the human body, but also his thoughts. Being in an uncomfortable position, you feel discomfort and your body expresses it: you have uneven breath, mouth can be slightly opened, the motion fussy and messy. Sensing the approach of unnecessary emotions, sit comfortably, hands on the armrests of the chair, fold the trunk on his back, legs apart. The breathing should be deep and smooth. Feel that control over emotions is in your hands.
And control your thoughts, try to replace the panic is rational, the striking out of the situation. Or those that help to prioritize and to determine the degree of unimportance of what is happening on a global scale. Lighten the brain generating these thought forms, imagine that you are alone on the beach and sit, inhaling deeply the clean air, listening to the sound of the surf.
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