You will need
  • - Web camera;
  • driver for web camera.
Connect the webcam to the USB port of the computer. To install the driver, insert the disc, which should go complete with the device. If the installation media does not contain, you can go to the website of the manufacturer of the camera and of the relevant section of the downloads download driver for your model.
Run utility driver installation and follow the instructions of the installer. After unpacking files, please reconnect the device and open the installed with the driver software.
Adjust image settings with various menus. Change the settings of brightness, contrast, white balance and lighting. In the configuration utility can be specified additional parameters. The functionality of the program depends on software version and model Webcams.
After making all settings start Skype and log in with your username and password in the system. Go to menu "Tools" - "Settings" - "video Settings". Check the box next to "Enable Skype video" to activate the possibility of transmitting images from the camera. In the "Select camera", specify the name of the connected device.
When calling a Skype call on the screen, click on "Enable video calling", so the listener can see you. To the video share mode is automatically enabled when the beginning of the conversation, check the box next to "Automatically start video" in the settings menu of Skype.
If after making all settings, video calls and does not work, check the driver configuration. Try to restart the computer and start Skype again. Otherwise try to reinstall Skype.