You will need
  • Skype;
  • - web camera.
To take a picture of yourself or your partner on that computer, install a special device called a web camera. You can buy it in any store of digital technology. The clarity and brightness of the photos will depend on the quality of the used webcam. During the installation use the drivers supplied.
Sign into Skype and make sure the camera works. Go to "Tools" and select "Settings". Check the box next to the option "Enable Skype video" in the submenu "Setup video". After that you will see your image in the upper right corner of the monitor.
To create a self-portrait enter the "video Settings", click the "Video freeze", give his face a cheerful expression and click on "snapshot". Then select the desired area of the photo using stretch frames in the image. And click on "Save snapshot". In the pictures library do the receive frame in your avatar, or click "Cancel".
Get your own picture in Skype is possible and more simple way. If you have a webcam there is a button for photographing, just click on it with the appearance of your image on the screen of the monitor. Self portrait is ready.
Edit your photos with the button "Configure webcam". Clicking on it, set the required image brightness and contrast.
To seal the source pane, right-click on his picture in the session. In the context menu select "freeze frame". After that, the photo will remain on the hard disk of the computer in the specified location.
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