You will need
  • Yarn of single or multiple colors, spokes and a hook, elastic band.
Measure around the waist line and the hip line of the child. For example, turned 60, see Basic knit hosiery and garter. Calculate the density of knitting. For this link the sample 10*10 cm primary viscous. Obtained, for example, in 1cm 5 loops. So 60 cm will be 300 loops.
Knitting start with the wide part of the skirt. Dial on circular needles required number of loops is increased 2-fold (i.e. 600 loops). Tie 6-8 rows of garter viscous and hosiery knitting another 6-7cm.
How to associate a <b>skirt</b> <strong>girls</strong>
The next step will reduce the number of loops twice. To do this, in the front row every 2 stitches together provarite. Left 300 loops. Keep knitting skirt and hosiery knitting. You need to associate so much that the top flounce covered the lower 1-1,5 see
How to associate a <b>skirt</b> <strong>girls</strong>
Separately, link also 2 ox. Connect them together this way: provarite the next row of the upper flounce, with capture closed loop of the lower flounce. Happened three interconnected flounce. Once you connect the third flounce, tie the top of the skirt. It is better to do the above for 3-4 cm in order to sew the elastic.
How to associate a <b>skirt</b> <strong>girls</strong>
Vsheyte gum size. The ruffle skirt can tie a contrasting thread with a hook pattern "crayfish". To decorate the skirt , you can belt in the color of the product.
How to associate a <b>skirt</b> <strong>girls</strong>