Despite the prevalence of the opinion that knitted dresses contraindicated full ladies, it is fundamentally wrong. Successfully selected model, right pattern and skilled hand knitters can turn the most gorgeous woman in the cover model of the magazine.

Longitudinal motives, vertical spit or ornament, curly undercuts, selected special pattern - all these details are used for visual harmony with the creation of knitted things.

Important detail – choosing the right length knit dress. Full but high the figure look good short tunic dresses. Women with a small stature with a large weight, it is preferable to choose long, almost to the floor, dresses that visually stretches and balance squat figure.

Dresses for full on the spokes

Knitting things is almost always voluminous and in order not to burden the silhouette, choose longitudinal designs and patterns. Relief undercuts, triangular cutouts of the neck, semifitted silhouette models are designed to visually lengthen the figure, hiding the fullness.

Classic dresses, tunic dresses, sweater dresses, sundresses – the choice is great. And it is not necessary to choose dark colors and dress only in black. Bright colors and the colors often look at major figures of not less than gorgeous.

Full fit dress in the style of "Natasha Rostova". This model, where the yoke is sewn or gathered flared hem. These dresses are popular among pregnant women but also for full-figured Mature woman, they also fit well. It is important to note that the canvas associated to the spokes not only visual space, but also too heavy in weight. So for him to choose delicate patterns and smooth surface to avoid sagging of the canvas.

Dresses for full hook

The hook is the most rewarding tool for performing full dresses women. Knit crochet is harder than knitting and the occupation is more laborious. But the result is worth it. Dress knitted motifs and properly assembled on a good pattern that can not only smooth out the flaws, but given all the advantages, to turn a complete woman into a Queen.

Things made in the technique of Irish or Brightcove lace, tape lace patterns is just what allows the process to correct individual parts, fit them perfectly on the figure. To pick up not only the silhouette, but the colors of individual motifs.

Darker shades can be used on those parts of the dress where you want to hide unwanted bulges. But more light and bright is placed closer to the neck and decollete.

Game color when designing crocheted models is one of the ways to disguise unnecessary, and is advantageous to apply elegant. It is important not to overdo it with fantasy and not change the good taste.

And yet, no matter how skillfully executed and expensive, it was not a knitted dress, it will adorn any lady's physique only on one condition: the woman must love herself for who she is. With all your pounds and centimeters. Feel most beautiful, to be confident in their own irresistibility. Then, and only then, others will see the beauty of the soul, and grace appearance. All again, besides, what a woman feels internally. Any dress, not just knitting, any body can look a Royal outfit if the lady knows her worth and knows how to stay accordingly.