Advice 1: How to write an essay on the work

The word "essay" in French means "trial, attempt, essay." The distinctive features of essays – short form and the underlined expression is a personal perspective of the author. The theme of the essay may be any, including the work of the author.
How to write an essay on the work
You will need
  • Computer, a text editor.
Limit the size of the essay to a minimum. The volume of such works are always a small number of characters is comparable to the number of characters in a newspaper article – 500-3000 characters with spaces (up to a page of printed text in the editor, 12-14 font). This volume is required to accommodate as much information and arguments, so when writing essays , choose as simple as possible and succinct wording.
Express their thoughts in free form. Genre of the essay does not imply specific requirements on style or order of communicating ideas. However, for convenience, visualize its composition the form of a diagram: introduction – main part – conclusion. The main part should be the same volume as the Intro and conclusion taken together, it is even possible to exceed this difference.
From the introductory part, think student years. Beginning of essay is a bit like the Chapter "Introduction" in a student essay. But, if in a bulk labour relevance, goals, objectives, and other categorical apparatus is to a few pages, the essay allows the question to a maximum of one or two sentences.
In the introduction, almost at the end part, put the question, who will be discussing throughout the essay. This is the theme designated in the title. For example, the essay about work can have such a title: "Motivation of young specialists in the field of gaming", then the question will sound something like this: why should young professionals engaged in the development of game software.But, before you ask a question, tell us about the history of its origin: who spoke for the first time, as changing the attitude towards the issue over time, what do you think your contemporaries. Be sure to leave an open-ended question, explain that a definite answer is still no, but are you willing to give it.
In the main part of stating your own opinion. Give some examples from personal experience to confirm it. Be sure to use statistical data from credible sources, provide expert opinions. Don't forget about historical information: your point of view probably shared by someone from predecessors. If necessary, quote interested in the issue of people.
In the final essay summarize. Confirm their point of view, try to make predictions on the development of the situation in the future.
Useful advice
Theme essay on the work may not be the only answer. Your opinion can be a statement of the problem and offer multiple solutions. In this case, list all the advantages and disadvantages of each turn of events.

Advice 2: How to write introduction to thesis work

Prepare an introductory speech for thesis defense often is difficult due to the fact that it is necessary to accommodate the contents of all work on 3-4 pages. The evaluation of the thesis often almost 90% depends on how the student will prepare and deliver the opening speech to her.

The role of the opening speech in defense of the thesis

The members of the examination Committee are unlikely to read the thesis as a whole, they simply don't have enough time. They only proletayut it, pay attention to correctness, perhaps some facts or quotes. But the opening remarks at the protection they will listen with attention and, on its basis, will ask questions. The student's task is to correctly and clearly to make his opening statement, anticipating possible answers to questions that may arise during the defense.

In accordance with the standard requirements for the preparation of the thesis, it must contain the following elements: introduction, main part, divided into theoretical and practical, conclusion, list of references. Just need to make a plan for the opening speech of the defense.

How to write an introductory speech

First we need to formulate the topic of his thesis, formulate the goal and objectives set to achieve this goal. Then to prove the relevance of the topic and used her materials. Next, you should briefly describe the theoretical part of the work (to give the description of objects, items and methods of research, very succinctly to summarize the summary) and draw conclusions from it. In the same way to talk about the practical part. Complete a report summarizing and analyzing the results of the work, its scientific and practical significance. You should also specify the scope of practical application of the thesis.

The easiest way is to make the beginning of the introductory words. It is necessary to introduce the purpose, objectives and relevance directly from the introduction. Harder to retell a brief summary of the theoretical and practical parts, conclusions from them are transferred without any changes).

Conclusions and significance of the work is taken from prison. The introductory words should not exceed 10 minutes. To ensure clarity, we can prepare a computer presentation that contains tables and figures that reflect the most important points of the thesis.

Before you start your opening statement, you need to politely refer to the State examination Commission, to introduce themselves, call their specialty and supervisor.

Well-written and confidently spoken introduction to the thesis work – the main component of a successful defense.
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