You will need
  • - passports of the owners;
  • - documents for the apartment;
  • - a certificate in form 9;
  • - a statement.
For the registration of a person in the apartment will require the consent of all its owners. Without their permission you will not be able to register for your space to anyone, except your own minor children. However, the opinion of the tenants registered in apartment, but not having the right of ownership, you should not have to.
Take a document proving your right to housing – the tenancy agreement, the certificate of ownership. Along with and gives all owners of an apartment, contact the local office of the FMS. On hand, you must have a passport, and children under 14 years – birth certificate.
Write a letter to the chief of Department UFMS outlining the requests of the universe. The sample application is typically located at the information booth. On behalf of the minor form filled in by the parents. For registration you may need the help in form 9 certifying the number of persons living in the apartment.
Specify the period for which you want to register three months, six months or a year. After expiration of necessity it can be extended.
Statement, the passport and the document confirming your right to the apartment, tell the office staff. After consideration you will be issued a certificate. Typically the documents are issued within three days.
After registration, a registered person has the right to reside at a specified address on a common basis. Write it ahead of time, you can not. But your new tenant shall not acquire any additional rights, including and unauthorized stay after the expiry of the temporary residence permit. To write it you don't have – after the end of the period specified in the certificate, the registration shall be terminated automatically.