Advice 1: How to eat grapefruit to lose weight

Despite the fact that grapefruit stimulates the appetite, it is widely used in diets with the purpose of getting rid of extra pounds. And it is indeed possible. And all because of the enzymes and bioflavonoids that are present in it. They improve metabolism and the digestive process. Regular consumption of grapefruit inhibits the accumulation of harmful fats and favors the burning has already formed. But do not forget that things are very good in moderation.
How to eat grapefruit to lose weight
Grapefruit contain a set of nutrients. Daily consumption of a few cloves is an excellent prevention of atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes, vitamin deficiency. But before you consume grapefruit to lose weight, it is better to ensure no problems with the stomach, such as ulcers or gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice. After all, weight loss is the citrus have before meals. And on an empty stomach, and even with increased production of hydrochloric acid, this fruit will only bring problems.
If the stomach is quite healthy, can afford grapefruit diet for weight loss. Its effectiveness is due to the presence of citrus flavonoid – naringenin that increases the activity of liver and gallbladder, resulting in only necessary to digest healthy fats and the rest is recycled and incinerated. Grapefruit contains many vitamins, therefore a diet it is especially useful in the spring when the body is experiencing more than ever the deficiency. With its proper conduct and combined with exercise, bath, massage and a body wrap helps reduce up to 3-5 kg per week.
Grapefruit diet is the daily consumption of half of the fruit before each meal. But this does not mean that you can not adhere to the rationality and moderation in eating. A positive result can only be achieved with proper nutrition: the use of lean boiled meat, green tea, honey, grains, raw vegetables, fruits and herbs. It should be avoided white bread, confectionery, sugar, coffee and black tea. But dairy products can be consumed without restrictions, especially yogurt.
At low acidity to eat grapefruit for weight loss better after a meal or you can divide it for two times, i.e., quarters of the before and after. Then the enzymes and acids contained in it will help to strengthen the digestive process which often occurs slowly and causes prolonged hold food in the stomach, which she begins to wander and leads to dysbiosis.
Despite the fact that better results in losing weight with grapefruit can be achieved with its use with white walls, the juice is not less useful. In equal combination with other citrus he excretes salts and wastes, making promotes weight loss. It is often the cause of extra pounds is the slagging of the body. But to make this truly a healthful drink did not cause stomach problems, it is necessary to use it diluted in half with water and not more than a month, after which take a break of 2-3 months.
Grapefruit essential oil can be used to prepare anti-cellulite products. For this you need to mix regular vegetable oil with ether in a ratio of 10:1, mix thoroughly and apply during massage. For wraps you can use fresh grapefruit juice.

Advice 2: How to lose 10 pounds in a week: diet 6 petals

The extra pounds are not formed in one day, but to want get rid of them quickly and preferably forever. Of course, make it very difficult, but hated to throw a couple of inches off your waist and lose a little weight. Most importantly, the desire and will power.
How to lose 10 pounds in a week: diet 6 petals

So, if you are wondering how to lose 10 pounds in a week, you will come to the aid diet 6 petals. It is necessary to say that 10 kg is the maximum that can be lost, by adhering to this diet. The higher your starting weight, the more you will lose weight. Moreover, if you read the reviews losing weight on the diet 6 petals, it is possible to conclude that some people lose and other weight.

Several principles of diet

Throughout the diet need to excluded from the diet sugar and foods containing it. Coffee on 6 days of the diet is better to exclude from the menu. But black and green tea and clean water to drink as soon as you see the need.

Diet 6 petals

This diet lasts for 6 days, and 7 day diet and consolidation of the body. The first day of the "flower" of weight loss – fish. You can have the fish prepared by the method of cooking, roasting or steamed. You are allowed to use a little salt, mild spices and herbs, in dry and fresh. Fish can be prepared a kind of soup, only no ingredients except the finely chopped herbs, there cannot be added. By the way, in protein day notice losing weight good weight loss.

Second day – vegetable. Are allowed to eat raw, boiled, baked and steamed vegetables and to drink juice out of them. What matters is that the drink was not sugar. On this day, allowed cooking with a small amount of salt and mild seasonings. Large pitches on this day does not happen.

Third day – chicken. You can eat chicken (preferably breast or breast) prepared by the method of cooking, roasting or steamed. You are allowed to use a little salt, mild spices and herbs, in dry and fresh. Chicken can be cooked in the broth. After protein day expect a good plumb. And by the way, you may notice that the stomach is decreased in size and satisfy your hunger manages a small portion of food.

Fourth day – cereal. On this day you are allowed to eat any cereal, bran, grain breads, cereals, fiber, seeds, sprouted seeds. From drinks allowed brew.

Fifth day – curd. Stock up on fermented milk product with a minimal percentage of fat. Except the cheese is allowed to drink a little milk.

Sixth day – fruit. You can eat any fruit raw or baked, as well as the juice from them without sugar. For taste when cooking you can use cinnamon and vanilla.

The seventh day out of the diet. This day will directly depend on what you plan on. If you've lost weight only to put on a new dress and then you are not going to lose weight, then do the following. Start to eat the same foods that are included in the diet on a diet, but not razgranicheniia them. Try not to overeat and to eat properly. It will consolidate the results and will not disturb digestion.

If you are planning to lose weight then, you can go even one round of the diet 6 petals. But better go for a balanced diet and proper nutrition. This is especially true for those people who are active in sports. And one last tip. Resort to such Express diets only in extreme cases. It is better to lose weight slowly but surely. Connecting to a healthy lifestyle sports and beauty treatments.

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